Photographers Who Found Nemo And Photographed It

Photographers Who Found Nemo And Photographed It

The Clown Fish wasn't always a famous fish that people recognize or know about, but thanks to Pixar and Disney, it became one of the most popular fish in the world. Visually of course, not on the plate. 'Nemo' is a bright orange fish with 3 white stripes. Easy to recognize, and great to photograph. The Clown Fish spends most of the day hiding in and around sea anemones, which make the photographs look even more epic. Check out these awesome photos of Nemo found on Flickr.

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Photo: Mohamed Almahroos.

False Clown Anemonefish 23
Photo: Jon Cornforth.

Clownfish on an Anemone Carpet
Photo: Mikel Hendriks.

Harmony -  Anemone fish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
Photo: Shawn Miller.

another Nemo
Photo: José Eduardo Silva.

Photo: Mohammad Al mahroos.

Anemonefish @ Layang Layang
Photo: Leander.

My Favorite │ Clown Fish Desktop Wallpaper - from eWallpapers
Photo: takau99 takau99.

Nemo again...
Photo: Hendra Tan.

Baby Tomato Anemonefish - Amphiprion frenatus
Photo: Shawn Miller.

Clowning about...
Photo: Simon Zino.

eternal theme
Photo: Andrey Narchuk.

Clown Fish_1
Photo: aDaL niJam.

Photo: togish1.

Ş Ш Д γ
Photo: B Smith.

True Percula in anemone
Photo: Marcelo Faustino.

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Whatever happened to BTS's? Fstoppers started out as a website that puts up behind the scene videos and such... what happened?

Noam Galai's picture

There are tons of BTS posts on FS - you can see some of them here:

Check out for those kind of videos. Fstoppers has gone downhill lately and turned into Petapixel in terms of lame posts.

George Quiroga's picture

Here are a couple of mine. Originals shot on Kodak E100 transparency film using a Tamron 90mm Macro lens while diving in the Solomon Islands.

olivier borgognon's picture

It is important and interesting to note that as a scubaDiver, Nemo doesn't exist in the real world. It's colour, black marks on the dorsal fin, and orange colour can not be found in the area of the movie (IE Barrier Rief). It is another species and a mix of multiple species leading to this specific fish that Nemo is :)

Lovely U/W shots however, from scuba diver to scuba diver... enjoy good buoyancy and safe dives guys... bring back wicked images and leave only bubbles :)

Nick Viton's picture

It's also important to note that real world clown fish cannot speak English.

Clowns cannot be fishes. Clowns are people, silly.