Adobe Servers Hacked, Product Source Code and Data At Risk

Adobe has disclosed that there has been a breach in their servers, and hackers had access to encrypted data for as many as 2.9 million customers. Adobe is stressing that the data is encrypted and that they “do not believe the attackers removed decrypted credit or debit card numbers." [Read Fully Story At TC]

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Ariel Martini's picture

"Once you’ve got the source code for an application in hand, it becomes much easier to dig up the stealthy lil’ security screw ups that might otherwise go unnoticed" -- that sounds like free debugging to me

Andrew Williams's picture

CC users beware of your credit info. I had a feeling this was bound to happen sooner or later. Give me a hard copy over DD any day.

5345455's picture

hey the cloud is secure!! trust us.. we would not lie to you!!!

Joe Gunawan's picture

It's not just cloud users. If you bought a copy of CS6 or paid for an upgrade online via Adobe, your information is still vulnerable.

5345455's picture

well deserved....

Allen Piercy's picture

"they do not believe"?

nOxIeS's picture

Any proves?

tony pardilla's picture

if you are listening adobe, Sony got hacked and they did their customers right by giving away free games, Adobe should make right to all the current CC customers by giving them free months of CC or keep the introductory price of $30 permanent

Jaron Schneider's picture

That sounds totally reasonable. I agree.

5345455's picture

what about those customers who are not on subscription?
there at thousands who are in the database who are not on CC subscription.
thank good i have only a fake account at adobe.

Tobias Solem's picture

As a CC-customer this is highly disconcerting - why is it that a world renown company cannot secure their data properly? Who knows what damages this will cause in the long run? Storing credit card information was a part of the change with the Creative Cloud, one would reckon such a move would come with grade A+ security. I realize of course that there is no such thing as a perfect lock, but that the hole in the wall was big enough for Adobe not to have any idea whether their customers data/Credit Card infos were taken, and to not go out publically with what kind of (IF ANY?) encryption was used for it seems borderline suspicious itself. Losing source code in such a manner seems incompetent. Why was this information globally available like that?

Stuart's picture

the hackers are just programmer out of work. anybody good enough to program can also hack it. the question is what pays more.

5345455's picture

you are a clueless noob.

i know the usual programmer today.
they can´t even write a line in assembler these days.
we have coders here direct from university who never wrote a line in C++ either.

and they sure can not go around a good firewall.
it´s a small percentag who can really hack.

Stuart's picture

so of those hackers i presume they can all program very well and probably looking for work?

Richard Neal's picture

The sony fiasco was bad enough with personal account info being stolen (and reportedly used!) but imagine how many business accounts are linked to the Adobe products.....

grimmy west's picture

still not sold on the cloud, maybe the stolen source code will be used to develop a new open source adobe killer. joke's on adobe, clowns!

Sandro Sandrini's picture

As non CC-customer this was highly predictable! it was one of the concerns reiterated by the so called "CC haters". I wander what's coming next

Benjamin Lundberg's picture

I am glad to say I am not in, on, or part of any cloud at all.. I will keep everything hard copied on my computer and on backed up hard drives.. I do not see the reason to put up any info.. :)

zeptom's picture

With the source of Acrobat they can easily figure out how to hack everyone that use Acrobat reader or once again supply a fake Acrobat on a fake adobe site and trick some users to download it.
So it's a lot bigger problem than just for cloud users.

Peter S's picture

That why i'm totally against the CC!!!!!! If people feel more safe with them having their stuff on their own computers... that SHOULD be an option!

Spy Black's picture

I love it.

5345455's picture

adobe lies to you in every way.
but people are used to it.. brainwashed clowns... cash cows..

Mr Blah's picture

A safe fix for clouds and online membership users...

Get a small credit card linked to a PO box address and use this for all of your online transactions.
Info gets hacked? no problem it has a small limit and limited info linked to it.

Been doing this for my po....ttery tutorials... yeah pottery, that's what I meant... ;)