Top 10 WeeklyFstop Photos: Warmth

Top 10 WeeklyFstop Photos: Warmth

Warmth can be a lot more than just a temperature. A face with a smile can show warmth. The orange glow of a candle flame or from a fireplace are great examples. Sometimes this look can also be achieved with a radial filter and sliding the white balance towards the warmer side of the spectrum. When done correctly, a photo featuring warmth can tap into a very predictable emotion and feeling of comfort. Check out how our readers fared this week on our top ten list.

The warmth has sure shown up in our area, All the snow cover that has become the norm around us has melted into a muddy mess. I'm kicking myself that I never made it up to Niagara Falls during the deep freeze that we have been seeing shared on social media recently. I am planning a visit for my birthday next week. I so rarely get our to shoot recreationally these days that I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm once again impressed and very happy with this week's submissions. I hope you like them too!

Honorable Mentions


Sugi Saja

MJ Vilardi


This Week's Top 10:


TT Sherman


Ars Industria


Steve Conroy

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Warming Up

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Will Kerslake

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Warmth #weeklyfstopwarmth

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Rajeev Nedumaran


Steven Madow




Fuji Traveller 

Fuji Traveller is a weeklyFstop regular you should all be following at this point! I'm not sure he takes anything that isn't a stunner. Another great shot that could have easily taken the top spot.


Ryan Downie

I really have a hard time picking one when people submit two solid photos. Very nice job on both of these Ryan!


Shintaro Design

This shot is epic. The timing, composition, and location are all very strong. I've seen a lot of shots of fire-breathing but this one will be the one I compare them against from now on. Great job Shintaro Design. Thanks for contributing to the weeklyFstop!

What is This Week's Theme?

This week's theme is one of my favorite things to photograph. It is also one of the subjects I have managed to photograph the least. It involves getting up while it is dark and sometimes cold, heading to a prime location facing the correct direction, to capture the beautiful event called a sunrise. The real kicker is that sometimes it is all for naught if mother nature decides not to play along. That is the classic risk versus reward scenario. If you wait until you see the sunrise's color, it will be too late to head anywhere. If you have never done one you will thank me. I love shooting them so much that I made my first three articles on Fstoppers about shooting a sunrise. Good luck and enjoy!


Better Hashtags for 2018

The #weeklyFstop hashtag we have used up to this point has worked well but we are starting to outgrow it. The older tagged shots are taking forever to scroll down to. Based on some user feedback and 14 weeks under our belt we are going to start adding the theme to the end of the tag. This will help group your shots together more effectively and fewer entries will be missed. This worked perfectly this week so thank you to everyone for adapting so quickly.

So for week 14 please use #weeklyFstopSunrise.

Here are the previous week's results for anyone who may have missed:

  1. Leading Lines
  2. Bold
  3. Color
  4. Yours
  5. Simplicity
  6. Monochrome
  7. Music
  8. Light
  9. Action
  10. Thankful
  11. Bokeh
  12. Toys
  13. Snow
  14. Frozen

Remember, there is no guarantee posting a photo will result in it being featured. If we get going and you fall short, keep shooting and try and learn from the photos that are selected. We can all learn to like our work a little less sometimes in order to grow. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas feel free to contribute in the comments.

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Pedro Pulido's picture

Once again thanks for the feature and beautiful compliment!

there was noooo way in hellllll (literally due to the warmth!) anybody could have stolen that first spot from Shintaro Design! What a great image! Earned himself some followers for sure (me included!).

Congrats on yet again another great selection!

Pedro (fujitraveller)

Shintaro Maeda's picture

Pedro, thank you for the kind words!

Pedro Pulido's picture

Stunning image !! totally deserved it !! congrats!!

Michael B. Stuart's picture

You're very welcome Pedro!

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Beautiful images, love the fire breathers, it's hard to get good shots of this!! Well done

Thanks for including my shot in the post! An honor to be amongst these wonderful images.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

You are welcome Steven!

Ryan Downie's picture

Wow didn’t expect that at number two 😀 thanks for picking my images again.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

You're welcome Ryan, they were great shots!

Rajeev Nedumaran's picture

Amazing to be at #6. Stoked!! Thanks!

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Glad you're stoked, Rajeev! My pleasure :)

Michael B. Stuart's picture

It is technically supported anywhere that embeds well here and supports hashtag search. That leaves us with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. After weeks of checking the other three networks with no new posts, I mainly only check Instagram now.
Bob, if you don't mind me asking, why no profile pic?

Danny MacRostie's picture

Thanks for including my photo at #4! Great group of images this week.