Top 10 WeeklyFstop Photos: Green

Top 10 WeeklyFstop Photos: Green

I would never have guessed that a simple prompt like "green" could have produced such amazing results this week. Our readers really showed up with arguably the best top 10 list yet.

Picking the photos to feature week after week can really be a challenge. The thing that keeps it inspiring and worth the time is simply seeing how well the photographers are all able to find ways to fit the theme in their own unique way.

Green seems to have really brought a fresh and energetic feel to the list. We have a wide variety of genres and subjects all sharing the same emerald tint that I cannot wait to see again in my backyard once the snow melts.

This Week's Top 10:


Ira Jacob


TT Sherman


Quinn Beaupré

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perhaps the only benefit of massive fires...

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John Crisp


Rosalie Berger


Matt Allan




Steve Conroy

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It's like a jungle sometimes...

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This shot has great symmetry, and there is actually some mystery as to what you are looking at. There is almost a drone quality to the lines and flow. Great shot, Conroy.


Pedro Pulido

Once again, Fuji Traveller delivers just a breathtaking shot with tons of depth and a solid leading line bringing you into the photo. We all live vicariously through your beautiful work, Pulido.


Brad Cooper


I swear this spider is looking directly at me. The green color is so intense and the sharp contrast of the white around the black eyes makes this one killer shot. Thanks for joining, Cooper. Congrats on taking down some stiff competition this week.

Honorable Mentions

Stephen Holst

Daniel Rothenberger

Konrad Sarnowski

Andrea Re Depaolini


Thanks for another great showing everyone. I hope you are continuing to enjoy the #weeklyFstop as much as I am!

What Is This Week's Theme and How Do I Enter?

Since the color theme turned out so well let's run it back again. This week's theme will be "pink" for all the lovers who celebrated Valentine's Day. I know my wife and I had a romantic dinner out. Show us your photos featuring the color of love, or if pink is too feminine for some, coral and salmon are also acceptable replacements.


photo flower petals

To enter simply use the hashtag #weeklyFstopPink on any public Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr post between now and our next weeklyFstop article.

Here are the previous week's results for anyone who may have missed them:

  1. Leading Lines
  2. Bold
  3. Color
  4. Yours
  5. Simplicity
  6. Monochrome
  7. Music
  8. Light
  9. Action
  10. Thankful
  11. Bokeh
  12. Toys
  13. Snow
  14. Frozen
  15. Warmth
  16. Sunrise
  17. Landscape
  18. Favorite
  19. Gathering

Remember, there is no guarantee posting a photo will result in it being featured. If you happened to submit but fell short, please don't be discouraged. Keep shooting and try and gain techniques or ideas from the photos that are selected. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas feel free to contribute in the comments.

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John Crisp's picture

Wow!!!! Great group of photos this week. I'm honored to be mentioned. I absolutely love #8. It's an amazing photo. Looking forward to Pink!!! Congrats everyone. Have a great week.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Thank you John, glad you enjoyed! I agree on #8 too.

Quinn Beaupre's picture

Thanks for the compliments! I appreciate you sharing it Michael!

Michael B. Stuart's picture

My pleasure, I appreciate you submitting!

Rajeev Nedumaran's picture

Great collection once again. No wonder mine did not get a chance!! Looking forward to pink!! I liked No. 3.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

I enjoy your energy and enthusiasm, Rajeev. I can tell you your photo was in the mix again.

Rajeev Nedumaran's picture

Thanks! appreciate that!!

Brad Cooper's picture

Wow, thanks for the honour :).
I have been taking photos of the Spiders in my garden for a few years now, but new to this social media thing, so this has come as a bit of a surprise, especially considering the quality of the other entries.
Now, pink........I don't think I have any pink Spiders......

Michael B. Stuart's picture

That spider was perfect for our list! Nice work Brad. I was so glad I remembered to check Flickr. (there were no entries there for weeks, mostly Instagram)

Brad Cooper's picture

Thanks for checking and liking my photo Michael. I will have to check out Instagram if its a more preferred option. I looked at Instagram for the first time last week, only because another one of my Spider images was featured on there.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

More popular, but not necessarily preferred. I just stopped looking at other networks for a few weeks because there were always no entries. I would actually argue the extra resolution displayed on Flickr helped push this over the top for me. Either way, glad to have you!

Alexios Ntounas's picture

I am very glad to see my photo between some great shots! Thank you very much Michael!

Matt Allan's picture

I'm stoked to have made the top ten this week.
Thanks for including my dirty rock n roll photo within the ranks of such fine imagery.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Well deserved! Now, where are those back-stage passes you promised? ;)

Matt Allan's picture


They are in the mail mate. ;)

Pedro Pulido's picture

thanks for the feature yet again! :) Also love that 8th picture! my favourite of the entire gallery! stunning!

Michael B. Stuart's picture

I had it in the number one slot early while making the list. I think that actually works against people since I end up 2nd, and 3rd guessing myself!
Once again, your submission elevates our whole list. Really appreciate your participation and support to both me and the other photographers!

Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

Thanks for the mention!