What Will Your Imagery Miss the Most From Spring, Summer, and Fall?

What Will Your Imagery Miss the Most From Spring, Summer, and Fall?

As fall draws to a close and we head into the colder winter months, the scenery around us shifts for the season. If there is something that you'll miss the most from the warmer weather, what would it be?

Assuming that you live in a location that has seasonal changes both in weather and landscape aesthetic, we're heading into winter, which generally means a few things. It means colder temperatures and generally less abundant nature around us. As we see these changes take place, it presents us with an opportunity to reflect on how we used the other seasons this year and identify things we did well and the things that we'll miss (at least until next year). Ask yourself the simple question: what are you going to miss the most from spring, summer, and fall?

For me, I know that this year, I really enjoyed the blooming flowers from spring and summer. I feel like I was really able to see more and appreciate more the blossoming plant life around me, and I think I was able to incorporate a floral component effectively for a number of different portrait shoots. I'm really proud of some of the work I created this year, and sitting here, reflecting on the spring and summer season I can't help but miss the flowers. As winter creeps upon us and the temperatures begin to drop, I know that I'll be looking forward to next year's bloom with much anticipation. 

Having grown up in an area with all four seasons and having relocated to a new location that also experiences them, I know that seasonal changes are something that I probably couldn't do without. As each one begins and ends, it offers us a new opportunity to create changing and evolving artwork. Whether it's landscapes or location portrait sessions, seasonal change brings with it something new every year. We're able to set new goals based on what is available for a given time of year. If blooming mountain flowers are something you really want in the foreground of your landscapes, you know that there is a limited window of time that you'll need to be out there hiking to see them. In my mind, that's a kind of fun pressure that encourages me to get out there and make things happen while they are available.

Where are you from and what seasons do you get to experience? While fall is probably my favorite season (got to love the Halloween vibes), this year, it's the flowers that I'm going to miss and eagerly be looking forward to for next year. If you're from somewhere with limited seasonal change, do you feel that has a positive or negative impact on your work? Is the winter season particularly harsh in your location? If so, how do you go about continuing to create new work through the winter (maybe you shift to more studio work when it's too cold)? Maybe you plan your travels for that exact reason. Do you have somewhere you've been or want to go during a certain time of year? As for this year, what do you think you did well and what is it that you'll be missing until next year? 

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Dirk Valcke's picture

Nice work. For the winter i'm looking for locations inside and outside. It gets a bit cold here (Belgium; about 0°C today). Working with models one has to take into account their comfort so i think i'll need both to be able to continue over the winter.

Evan Kane's picture

Thanks for the comment Dirk :)

I know that winter for me means I will be looking for frosty pine trees. . .I'd really like to try some more black and white landscape images this season

I hope it's a really cold winter because I definitely won't miss seeing so many tattoos! Yes, I'm an old curmudgeon and proudly admit it.

Michael Jin's picture

Other than the fact that the majority of tattoos are just terribly executed, what's wrong with tattoos?

I didn't say there was anything wrong with them, I just don't like them. The reasons aren't important. Actually, given the opportunity, I often ask people about their tattoos – their meanings, etc.

Michael Jin's picture

Seems like a rather extreme view on the matter, but ok...

Michael Jin's picture

You seem very invested in what other people choose to do with their bodies. Maybe not everyone sees every patch of skin as a naturally beautiful thing.

Michael Jin's picture

Ahh, the "impressionable youth" thing. How will we ever protect our "impressionable youth" from the things in life that we disagree with whether it's violent video games or tattoos... Given the countless things that leave an impression on our youth, it seems to me that the answer should be good parenting when they're young and subsequently respecting their ability to make their own decisions when they become adults.

I don't exactly see a wave of people under the age of 18 going out and getting tattoos for themselves so I'm not sure why this is a concern. If an adult chooses to get a tattoo, their own reasons for it are not anyone else's business any more than if they choose to eat McDonald's everyday or wear turtle neck shirts.

As for not viewing a patch of skin as a naturally beautiful thing, I don't see how it's a sign of a mental health problem. Some of us just see it as a blank patch of color and like any other blank patch of color, you can choose to leave it blank or do something with it.

Intelligent, mature, and sane is pretty much the polar opposite of the concerns that you seem to be exhibiting. Your views seem to be based on some pretty irrational premises at the very least.

Michael Jin's picture

You seem to really be stuck on this word, "mutilate" given how often you repeat it. I guess the difference between you and I comes down to the fact that I think the use of the term "mutilate" is hyperbolic and ridiculous. Putting some ink in your skin is not "mutilation". If you think that's mutilation, I'd be curious to know your views on piercing ears or circumcision.

If kids are getting tattoos, that's the result of poor parenting and irresponsible tattoo artists. And yes, I realize that 18 isn't some magical age where youth is suddenly endowed with wisdom. It's just an arbitrary number that we decide where we recognize an individual's ability to make decisions for themselves whether it be smoking, joining the army, or having a voice in who gets to run our government. You can argue that there are 60-year-olds without a shred of "wisdom" because there's literally no correlation between age and wisdom. Your argument about impressionable youth might as well extend to impressionable middle age men. It has nothing to do with youth. Impressionable people are impressionable people.

Yes, "pretty much" and "seem" because I'm not a psychic and I can only go by what I'm reading that you typed so I naturally hedge because maybe you're actually an intelligent, mature, and sane person who's just typing irrational and stupid things because you're drunk or something. I think if you read my posts, it's pretty clear what I'm supporting—the right for adults to choose what to do with their own bodies without judgment from irrationally fearful people like you. Simple, right?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tim Ericsson's picture

Careful man: you might overcook your turkey today with all these sick burns! 👍🏿

Tim Ericsson's picture

If you don’t agree with Bo-Jack here, you are stupid, immature, and insane. Great way to have a conversation lol!

Tattoos can be beautiful. Don’t let a pitiful little basement dwelling keyboard warrior let you think differently!

Michael Jin's picture

I detest Autumn colors because I just find them to be extremely distracting. There's also not too many ways to avoid them since the leaves don't really stay on the trees either.

I think that Winter is tricky. You lose vibrant colors both in nature and in peoples' clothing. When people bundle up, you also tend to lose things like facial features and real differentiation between bodies. When the weather gets cold, there are no leaves on the trees, and everyone is a relatively similar looking bubble man/woman, I have a tendency to veer more towards abstract and minimalist photography. I will try to isolate subjects more often or focus on some of the stuff like cracks in a wall or an interesting shadow that I might be too distracted to notice when there's more going on.

My turn: what about autumn colors is so distracting? I would think a barren tree would make a good abstract/minimalist subject.

Michael Jin's picture

It's an unruly mess of color all over the place. At least in Spring and Summer, the colors stay on the plants. In Autumn, it's not just on the plants, but all over the floor like brightly colored litter. It also doesn't help that it's red and yellow (colors that naturally draw the attention of our eyes) so unless you go out of your way to desaturate the color, it automatically competes for attention in your frame by its very presence.

I imagine it's beautiful if you do landscape photography. I don't do landscape photography so I'm not a fan.

I do, or rather try to do, landscape photography. ;-)

Michael Jin's picture

I think it would be my favorite time of the year by far if I did landscape photography. :)

Simon Patterson's picture

"As fall draws to a close and we head into the colder winter months" eh? Speak for yourself. G'day from sunny Australia!

Simon Patterson's picture

Actually, my part of Australia has four seasons in most days. Today was no exception. But the weather is certainly not getting colder here...

Simon Patterson's picture

Well lunch time today (ie Tuesday) was sunny and got to about 32 deg C (90 deg F), then we had a wild storm with gale force winds and lashing rain at about 6pm. Snow is forecast in the hills nearby for Thursday. Then warming up again on the weekend to about 20 deg C (70 deg F). Something for everyone here, never a dull moment!

Aaron B.'s picture

I am definitely going to miss the amount of available sunlight. I still (gracious yet unfortunately) work day hours so most of my shoots are done after work. Being an outdoor portrait photographer, that lack of sun is incredibly annoying.

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