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Tips for Making Every Photography Session the Best It Can Be

It can be a struggle to produce our best work during the busy season. Once we’ve answered all the emails, backed up yesterday’s session, edited and processed last week’s session, worked on some social media posts, and, heavens forbid, got ourselves a cup of coffee and taken a short break, it can be daunting to head out and meet a client for a session. Today we’ll talk about a few ways to make each session count.

Are You Being Authentic in Your Branding?

The first bit of advice I can recall getting was given to me by my parents. I was about to start school for the first time and I wanted people to like me. There advice was something that we've all been told: “just be yourself.” As professional photographer, I still want people to like me. This article covers why simply being yourself is great advice, especially when it comes to branding.

You Don't Deserve to Get Paid for Your Photography

It really doesn't matter if you make excellent images that make your clients look their best, or that they're using your creative brain and technical mastery to sell their product. Clients deserve massive discounts, and, sometimes you just need to give them a load of images for free because they feel that they did you a favor that one time — conveniently forgetting all the other free and massively discounted commercial images you gave them.