'Dabo Magis': A Devilish Photo Manipulation

There always comes a time while you're surfing the web looking for inspiration that you stumble upon something so striking that it just blows you away. You sit back and wonder... 'How in the world did they manage that?' Jean Osipyan, a professional fashion photographer from Armenia and now based out of Russia takes the extra steps from ordinary to extraordinary in his retouching.

His work is pretty amazing and I find myself watching the timelapse videos of his retouching over and over again. While these are not straight up tutorials if you take the time to study the videos, there is quite a bit you can learn from them.

Jean Osipyan's Facebook Page

Jean Osipyan's 500px Page


Here is another example of some his fashion photo projects:


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Rebecca Britt's picture

I'm not sure, but I am assuming not; and if that's the case the editing is even more impressive, but I do see your point. 

KGB's picture

The second clip is interesting, but I know from the models I've worked with, fixing a models nose in post is pushing it for any retoucher.

Seagram Pearce's picture

Holy crap, I feel like I'm about to march into battle after that clip with the music. Awesome postwork. Maybe just less dramatic music. :D