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Into the Great Wide Open

Shot this hiking down from Roys Peak, Wanaka, NZ. We had just been up on the ridgeline shooting sunset, but with the massive gusting wind chill it was well below zero and I wanted to head back down to start getting some body heat back into me.

A few minutes into the trek down I came across this amazing view. I was so cold, it was a fifty-fifty line call as whether to just keep walking or stop and set up the tripod again. I think I made the right decision :)

Just to add some details about equipment used for the image...
Sony A99, 16-35 Sony Zeiss lens,Benro tripod with a Novoflex VR Slim Panorama Head. Cokin Grad ND filter (i forget how many stops it was), remote shutter release.

Sony A99
22mm · f/10 · 0.6 secs · ISO 200
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I tend to despise colour filters but sometimes when people make good use of it without alienating people too much, and while creating a great atmosphere, I'll just forget about my aversion for them. So great colours and what a gorgeous shot!

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Thanks Khatleen, really appreciate the comments, and glad you love it.

Just on a side note, I haven't added any colour filters to this image. Sure I've played with the contrast and saturation levels, but colour wise it is mostly how it was shot. I've had someone else comment to me that they think there's something not accurate with the white balance too, but at the end of the day I've edited this to how I remember seeing the scene, and how I remember the way it made me felt when I saw it.

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My bad ! It is still one stunning image.