Glacier Point Sunset by Craig Jeffries
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Glacier Point Sunset

November 14, 2018

The lookout point where this is shot from is around 900M straight down from here. Whilst there's a good railing, the ranger telling stories about the rock fall from the ledge here doesn't help...

Shot from 7 separate shots bracketed (2 stops apart), so 21 images all up. HDR merge and stitch in Lightroom, dodge / burn / sharpen in Photoshop, global contrast, saturation etc back in Lightroom.

Shot on a Benro Tripod, Novoflex Slim VR Pano head, using a Sony A99, Zeiss 24-70 @24mm. F9, ISO200, 1/60th. Grad ND filter

24 · f/9 · 1/60 · ISO 200
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