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Ducati Panigale

Shot this on location in Sydney last night. Good to know there are some epic locations in this city for shooting without a permit.

Took 19 shots on location, but only ended up using 13 from memory in the blend (would have to check my 4GB+ PSB file to confirm, but it's too late at night to be doing that...).

Lightpainted using an LED light through a softbox. About 30mins for the shoot, and about 5-6hrs for the edit. I'm a bit slow, but zoom sometimes 800% on layer correcting - I love everything to be pixel perfect.

The funny thing is, this shot came about by pure accident. The bikes owner and I were doing a recce run for a shoot nearby and by chance this place happened to be actually empty last night, so away we went.

Very happy with the outcome, but even more happy with the owner's reaction when he saw the final shot. That's one of the biggest thrills I get from this is the joy it brings to others.

Sony A99
24mm · f/11 · 10s · ISO 50
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Awesome shot, love it. I know exactly what you mean with Pixelperfectionism :P