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Rock Face

Can you see the face?

Went through Rattlesnake Canyon, Page, Arizona about 4 weeks ago. Here's one of the images from this cool trip through the slot canyon. Slot canyon's are a very interesting natural formation from water running through the rock. Walking through you can see the evidence of debris getting caught meters above your head from flash floods, it's hard to imagine in such a dry, sandy state on a 40+ degree day that this could be deadly. If you ever get the chance to walk through here, I highly recommend it.

Capturing this image took some effort. Whilst the human eye can see this scene with relative ease. The dynamic range of light is massive in here. This final image needed 3 photographs bracketed at 2 stops to combine the range of light, then another 3 photographs bracketed next to it and stitched to fit the scene in. All combined into one photograph for what you see here.

With all the technology developments that exist in photography, all they do is help consolidate my marvel at creation for how amazing the human eye is.

Sony A99
16MM · f/16 · 1/3 · ISO 200
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