a self portrait, part of a series of images inspired by pictish tattoos and celtic folklore.

The fairy tales featuring the enchanted Mouras are thought to be pre roman, indo-celtic origin, magical maidens who guard castles, caves, bridges, wells, rivers, and treasures.
She often appears singing and combing her beautiful long hair, golden as gold with a golden comb, and promises to give treasures to whom sets her free by breaking her spell.
According to ancient lore, they are the souls of young maidens who were left guarding treasures that were hidden before other supernatural beings disappeared from the mortal world.
They appear as guardians of the pathways into the earth and are believed to be the builders of the Paleolithic hill forts, The Dolmens and megaliths, They are believed to still live there.

26mm · f/13.0 · 1/90s · ISO 200
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Stunning xxoxo

Love it, nice job.

Superb, congrats!

Awesome work!
Would love to know more about how that bodypaint was done. Thank you.

HI Sam, Thank you. I used my fingers to paint on the marks in front of a mirror, using some references of tattoos from bog bodies.

Thanks for the prompt reply, Jessica. Exquisite work.