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Finding Shelter

I recently took a two day trip up to the Akita Prefecture and the Yamagata Prefecture in Northern Japan. I arrived later than expected on the first day, so there wasn't enough time to get to my destination before the sun had completely set. I had no other choice, so I just enjoyed some local food and had to reschedule two days worth of travel into one day.

I woke up at 5am, took a shower, ate a banana, and then had to overcome my fear of driving to get to my destination. A combined total of 13 hours spent driving, hiking, making wrong turns, and photographing 4 waterfalls across 2 prefecture, and this was the reward.

Nikon D5500
170mm · f/14 · 3 seconds · ISO 100
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I love this shot man.
I have no idea why or how it’s rated so low without any comments.
Clearly the people rating it are simple. They don’t see a Milky Way or beautiful woman it’s automatically 2 stars! lol

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Thanks! It’s actually one of my favorites and will be in my portfolio regardless of what number it has on here.

People are welcome to rate it what they please, but doing so without feedback comes off as lazy.

Who knows, maybe if I added a milky way or a beautiful woman with a blank expression it would be higher, haha. It’s all in good fun, no need to overthink anything here.

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Simply wonderful..

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Thanks! It was a really big waterfall, but this scene caught my attention the most!