Sometimes when your original plans don't work out, you end up stumbling into another opportunity... and stumble I did.

Nikon D5500
70mm · f/8 · 1/320 · ISO 100
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joseph cole's picture

nice shot Jordan

Jordan McChesney's picture

Thanks! I’m hoping to take more like this, but I have a hard finding these kinds of abstract shots in Tokyo.

joseph cole's picture

I’m sure this seemed like a pretty lucky shot to begin with and squaring it off like that made it even tougher I’m sure

Jordan McChesney's picture

Well, nothing a little crop can’t fix, haha.

joseph cole's picture


Stephen Simons's picture

I am such a fan of graphical compositions like this, and your lines are perfectly perpendicular... nice!

Jordan McChesney's picture

I’m glad you like it! I’m also a huge fan of shots like this, but this was the first time I’ve really been able to see one with my own eyes. It’s something I’m trying to work on!

Rich Foley's picture

Stunning work as always!

Jordan McChesney's picture

Much appreciated. Since I live in such a big city, I’m hoping to improve my eye for these kinds of shots.