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Sunrise with an Icon

I typically try to avoid taking photos from "iconic" locations, as they have been photographed by everyone and their dog. Creating a worthwhile image from this location is both easy and difficult at the same time. It's easy because all of the pieces are right there, all you have to do is point the camera and hope the weather plays nice. However, it's difficult because the photo you take will be compared to all those taken before it, including images taken by some very well established photographers.
That being said, on my 4th trip to Yamanashi, I decided to wake up at 3am for some night photography from this location. While that photo didn't quite work out, I hung around for sunrise in hopes of getting a consolation prize. Waiting around in -7C weather for 3 hours in the dark isn't easy, but the view is more than worth losing feeling in my toes... I need better shoes.

*Footnote: I just want to nip this comment in the bud right off the bat --- I didn't removed the rope on the Pagoda because it's a religious structure and I'm wary about removing anything from religious structures, if I'm unsure of the significance.

Nikon D5500
17mm · f/11 · 1/20 sec · ISO 100
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This is amazing. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen from this location
It’s even better than Elia’s but his had a 4.5 rating and this one had a 3! Just shows that photos by famous people get higher ratings. If that one is a 4 star then this one is a 5 for sure!!

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Much appreciated. I noticed his had a weird green tint to it. Although, his image is still pretty good, I wish I had a week to spend in Yamanashi. I've more or less already got my next 2 years of trips planned out there (I can only travel for photography once or twice a year)

While I was here I was trying to figure out what could have caused the green tint, so I could avoid the same problem, but luckily the only light source was the sun. It's possible the lights below were illuminating the pagoda while he was there.

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If he took this photo it would be getting 5 star ratings for sure. Name value adds to the rating

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Beauty shot! I never tire of this view. I never realized until now that many others were digitally removing the rope.

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I’m glad you like it!
I was considering removing the rope, but I’m uncertain about its significance to the overall structure. Given that this is a religious structure, I’m wary of altering it without knowing the ins and outs of each part of it.
I’m hoping to go back this month and try again with the cherry blossoms!

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I probably would not have noticed the rope until you pointed it out. My preference for my own work is to try and keep a scene intact as much as possible.

I hope you get to return for the cherry blossoms! I can only imagine how they'd enhance this very scene. Good luck!