Lights Out by Jordan McChesney
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Lights Out

March 24, 2019

I've lived in or near Tokyo for over 5 years, but it's been over just the last few months that I've been focusing more on finding these abstract moments with a longer lens.

As I'm becoming more conscious of these opportunities, I'm finding more and more reasons to rediscover the places I've loved for so many years.

This is a recreation of a photo I had taken a week prior. I didn’t get as lucky with the lights the second time around, so I had to use a little bit of digital magic to turn my vision into reality.

80mm · f/11 · 6 seconds · ISO 100
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Amazing abstract shot man! im looking forward to seeing more of these in the future

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Thanks a lot! I'm glad to hear you like it. I'm keeping my eyes open for more opportunities likes this.

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I did something like this not long ago. It's a fun style.

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It definitely helps me get more images in a shorter amount of time. It also helps me appreciate the city in ways I never have before. Since I started taking these kinds of shots, I haven’t looked at buildings as just buildings, but rather potential photo opportunities.