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Mt. Hood Ablaze

Like everyday in landscape photography you plan the night before, check all the weather forecasts, and hope that you get the best light for your shot but something that day of will deter you from the exact "shot" you had in mind. My original shot was off to the camera left to frame the mighty Columbia River Gorge as it traveled east towards the sunrise. Luckily, I was perched high enough on a cliff above the river with expansive views in any direction to notice the show wasn't where I wanted it to be. However, where the light did end up shining the most couldn't have been a better alternative. I scrapped the wide angle lens for my 70-200 and furiously snapped away as the rain clouds behind Mt. Hood turned the color of cotton candy only to turn a dull shade of gray moments after.

Nikon D 750
120mm · f/5.6 · 2.5s · ISO 50
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I really like the way that the grandeur of Mt. Hood "on fire" stands out against the low lands below.

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Thank you Frank, it was well lit standing so tall above the valley of Hood River and a little bit of post processing helped it stand out even more.