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For a whole year I have tried to grab a photo of this steller bird. I first saw a Steller's Jay working in the Columbia River Gorge and immediately became enamored with their fabulous display of blue feathers. Until recently I never found any willing to be near me and my giant lens long enough for a picture. Apparently at Trillium Lake, this is not the case. I had several buzzing around my head this morning to keep me company in the cold.

Nikon D 850
500mm · f/5.6 · 1/400 · ISO 400
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Chris Rosebrough's picture

GREAT shot. The colors on this one are amazing!

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Thank you Chris! They are such a colorful bird with dark and bright blue hues. Very noisy as well ;)

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Beautiful bird! Maybe i would leave more space on right side and more space at the tail of the bird! But i like it that way too 😃

Daniel Gomez's picture

Thanks for the feedback as I look to your shots for inspiration! I can see how that could benefit the frame. Appreciate your input.