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Neon Glam

This photo is one of my first attempts at fully gelled lighting (including the keylight). This is a four light setup. Two bare bulb lights with magenta gels behind, cerulean blue gel in a 17" white beauty dish as key, and a purple-gelled light on a black background behind.

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Love this look Emily, its really useful to know light setup too! Definitely on my list to try one day!

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Thans! And yeah, I love when I get some info about lighting setups. It certainly helps!

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Amazing lights.

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Good lighting !

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When I paint a black background (with a gel), I usually get a colored hotspot and then color degrading to black (either slow or fast, depending on 200w or 400w). I never get this unified/homogeneous colored background look. Where is that back light positioned? Any modifiers on it? and what is its' distance?

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Some of this is the post work too. I think I shifted the shadows more purple in post. It's been awhile, but I recall it being at least 6-8 feet away from the subject. It was on a floor stand. It might have had a grid, but I can't recall. Could have been just a reflector. If you look, the left side is also a little brighter than the right. I think my backlight is a bit off center too.