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I love when I can manage to make a shot that’s just like the vision in my head, and this one gets pretty darn close. A few weeks ago I decided on the candle melting concept, which I developed to include the victorian theme. I chose my camera settings and the filter to help aid the sense of atmosphere and glow from the candles. I then set about creating the four light setup in @elixxiersoftware’s Set A Light 3D program.

The gridded key light focuses light on the face, hand, and front of the blouse. The 60” octa camera left provides some fill. The background light is positioned behind the candles to give the appearance of the flame hitting a wall. Finally, there is a light overhead to help create hair light and separation from the darker part of the backdrop.

Photographer/MUA/Model: @emilyhmoorephoto
Canvas Backdrop: @clotstudios
Light Mockup: @elixxiersoftware
Lighting: @flashpointlighting @godoxusergroup
Camera: @nikonusa #Z7

Nikon Z7 with Nikon 50mm f/1.8G at F9, 1/10, ISO250 and tiffin 1/2 black pro mist filter.

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amazing !!

Thanks, Vijay! Hope you're well!

Doing Great. Thanks.

Incredible image, again! And it's generous of you to share those technical details.

Thanks! I always appreciate when others share so trying to pay it forward.


Thanks, Skyler! I'm happy with the way this one turned out.

Another fantastic submission of course.

Thanks as always, Jeff. I am a great admirer of your work. If I'm ever in the area, I would love to pop by your studio and chat.

If we don't shoot together, I will die disappointed.

Haha. I'm so flattered. I'll let you know when I make it to San Diego. I've been meaning to at some point soon.

Good to see a fellow St. Louisan!

Not only am I'm impressed with the photo, I'm more in awe that this is a self portrait! Getting everything right on both side of the camera is truly impressive.

Thanks for noticing the hard work that goes into both sides! Self portraits are definitely a challenge, but they get easier and are a great way to practice lighting. I shoot tethered and now that I have mirrorless, I have eye autofocus, which has improved my ability to do these dramatically.

This is amazing! Great job

Perfection. Thank you for this!

Beautiful. Great mood and light. I know what you mean, it really feels great when an image comes together.

pretty fine shot