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This is four lights. Keylight is reflector with 10 degree grid modified by a flag camera left. Background light with grid camera right, 40" foldable beauty dish overhead and 60" softbox for fill behind camera.

BTS, lighting diagram, and other shots from this series on my instagram @emilyhmoorephoto

For shots like these, I typically do a lot of pre-planning. @elixxiersoftware ’s Set A Light 3D program makes this so easy.

Photographer/MUA/Model: @emilyhmoorephoto
Canvas Backdrop: @clotstudios
Light Mockup: @elixxiersoftware
Lights: @flashpointlighting @godoxusergroup
Camera: @nikonusa #Z7

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The best image in your very impressive portfolio for my tastes, Emily. Tantalisingly "less is more". Well done!

Thanks, Chris! I do love the way this one turned out. It's fun for me to create simple but cohesive concepts!

Congrats on POTD!