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Magenta Night

I shot this long exposure portrait of actress, singer, dancer, and model @izabelgray_ using five @flashpointlighting lights.

Key light: Gridded 17" white beauty dish
Fill from below: bare speed light with gel
Background light: Gridded and gelled reflector
Rim lights: Reflectors with gels behind and pointed toward model.

The light at the bottom of the frame is caused by the long exposure. The flash freezes the motion but the shutter is left open through the exposure. I move my camera around to capture the ambient light--in this case just the reflectors behind with the modeling lamps left on. Here the bare concrete floor is reflecting the gel and showing at the bottom of the frame when I move my camera down. More from this series on my instagram @emilyhmoorephoto

85mm · f/7.1 · 2s · ISO 160
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As usual, this is a high level of work, and I must be critical to point stuff out.
Even though I would not consciously create a red bottom half like that, I find it interesting how it guides the eye to the face, due to the lesser contrast in the bottom half. I really like the top part, you could point out the nose cutting the cheek, but yeah, whatever. What catches my eye is the pearl kind of thingy at the top part of the dress that mimics a lavalier. I would have probably softened the hard line where the pink cuts off on her chest.
Great series.

Thanks for the thorough feedback, Andreas!

Fantastic as always Emily! Absolutely love the mood and the coloring.
I don't know why, but at first glance it looks like a painting.
Top notch work!

Thanks for the feedback, Stefan! Much appreciated!

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