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Cyber Blue

This photo of @_dutch_dame_ was created with five lights.

The key light was a 17" white beauty dish with grid and CTO gel. The second light was a bare speed light with blue gel below for colored fill. The third light was a gridded reflector with blue gel on the background to create a pop of color behind. The fourth and fifth light were modified with reflectors and gelled blue. They were kept on through the long exposure to help create the light trails. I moved the camera throughout the exposure to get different light trail shapes and used a fan to create hair movement. I also shifted the white balance in post to enhance the blue (this was also the reason for the CTO gel on the face) and to counteract the color temperature of the modeling lamps.

85mm · f/8.0 · 1.6s · ISO 100
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Very awesome. How'd you do that?

Hi, Hank! You liked the photo before I got a chance to finish my description. Check it out now and I'll answer any questions if it's unclear.

Hi Emily. Addition in amazing.
Camera moved this time and model was still. One more element to learn. Thx.

Thanks! Part of the key here is having her wear the sparkly sequins. They catch the light and help make the light trails. The flash fires first and the rest of the time the shutter is open, it's picking up the light from you moving it. You can move it more straight or in random patterns to get different effects. You typically have to shoot a lot of frames because each one looks different.

Great help. Thanks