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Fern Gully

I took a venture up north toward Olympic National Park this last week and was happy to walk along the Trail of Mosses to find all these ferns and lichen/moss covered trees. While it hadn't rained that morning the entire forest was dripping while I walked along it.

This shot is a focus stack of 18 images from that fern in front to the moss covered trees in the back.

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Nice shot dude! I8 image focus stack with foliage like this is TRICKY, must have been a lot of work! What aperture were you shooting?

Thanks John! This was the only stack I took that worked that day. The foliage was moving all day until I got to this spot with just a bit of annoying wind lol! I use the built in stacking feature of the 850 which is pretty deadly accurate so I don't have to guess as much.

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