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Emily Moore's picture

Trash Day

I created this photo using just one light and some atmosphere aerosol! Single reflector overhead with 60 degree grid.

20mm · f/8.0 · 1/50s · ISO 100
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Gary McGillivray-Birnie's picture

Love this shot, very well done

Emily Moore's picture

Thanks! I enjoyed making it.

Paola Padron's picture

Love it EM!

Emily Moore's picture

Thank you! :)

Dilyana Hezhaz's picture

Wish I could find my models in such a state outdoors, that will make things easier! Jokes aside, awesome job on bringing the street environment in the studio. And the light is on point, as always.

Emily Moore's picture

Thanks! I definitely wanted to go for that street lamp look. I feel like the ground could be very cold in winter outside in the nude! Haha

Dilyana Hezhaz's picture

You can always make a winter variation with some frost on her, I already feel cold just thinking about it :D

Hector Reyes's picture

Very good! Lighting on point. You are far from trash though!!! Am I seeing a little fill from the scattered "trash" ?

Emily Moore's picture

Thanks! Yes, there's some newspaper nearby that's not very visible, and I think there's a little fill from the floor too. It's a lighter gray concrete.

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