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The Other Self

One of the makeup artist I came up to me asking to create a project for Halloween 2014. I had the idea of creating a mask without using a mask for quite some time but didn't really know how to do it or even what to do with it. I also didn't want to get into something bloody or gore.

So we decided to split the face of the model into to using the makeup. That way we could keep a very glamour side (left) and another one dark. By doing that we wouldn't go to dark and we could also keep a human side in order to avoid making it look too much like CGI or pure Photoshop (nb: this is note a composite).

We first thought of creating the mask with rhinestones. Though I found them too big to create something truely unique. So we went ahead with beads.

If you're reading this and are thinking "I want to do the same"… go ahead and tell me how much time you spent… It took us about 12 hours to glue them on the model's face. And when I say us I mean, the makeup artist, the model and me. Patience was key for this project! But the result was more than worth it :)

Photographer: Quentin Décaillet
Hair: Dany Maugeri
Model: Christelle Burrus
MUA: Sibel Kayak

Canon 1D X
100 · f/14 · 1/250 · ISO 200
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this is stunning glare and all !!!! besides the stones her eyes i get lost in

Jim Morton's picture

This stopped me dead in my tracks. I found it through your other image split down the center, which I thought was great, but this I can't stop looking at. Love it on every level. Amazing!

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you're incredibly talented Quentin, i started photography in 2012 as well but i'm far from your skill! this is a masterpiece! congrats!

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That is awesome

Steve Gould's picture

This is absolutely gorgeous. I have have one minor question/critique.....The lower RH corner. The dark area hiding the models jawline -Is that her shoulder? Not really a huge deal but I notice it. Mostly because it hides some of the beadwork. 12 hours in the chair and I'd want to show every last bead! Nice job. Really nice job.

Quentin Decaillet's picture

Yes, it is her shoulder. We already had pictures showing the makeup/beads (for example this one: https://fstoppers.com/photo/56267). So I created a few shots like this one for me. I wanted something moodier and with more character than the ones showing the beads ;)

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Twelve hours?? Holy cow!!! Great work!!

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Loveeeee your work!!!!

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Creative !

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Well that ridiculous amount of effort certainly paid off! Bravo!

Jay Montez's picture

Absolutely beautiful. Can't keep my eyes off it. Love it!! Great shot

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