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Cloud Surfin' Safari

The November rains had finally started in the Lamai Section of the Serengeti National Park, and the mornings were a little cool. These two young females were taking advantage of the warmth of the early morning sun. Their rock gave them a good view of the surrounding savannas well as the rain clouds heading towards the Serengeti from Lake Victoria. The lions looked like they were surfing through the squall lines of incoming clouds. The one to the right even looked like she was hanging ten.

I took the image with a Canon EOS R6 with an EF 200 – 400 mm f/4.0 L IS USM teleconverter lens. The exposure settings were 1/500 sec, f/6.3, ISO 100, 200 mm. hand-held. The image was taken on November 4, 2022.

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