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Fashion Neons

I had this project in mind for a little while but never took the time to buy the neon lights. Then recently when a couple of friends wanted to organize a shoot to get together, I thought it would be a great time to finally give this idea a try.

A couple of neon lights and one strobe's modelling light, that is it. No flash or fancy stuff. I must admit though that I was glad to use my 1DX on that shoot as the pictures didn't get to grainy despite the high ISO used.

Model: Sandra Suarez
Photography, makeup & retouching: Quentin Décaillet

Canon-1D X
85mm · f/5.0 · 1/125s · ISO 1600
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beautiful, creative! 1600 ISO is not that high for modern expert/pro cameras Quentin! ;)

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It is high for studio work in my opinion. I've used my 1DX up to 25'600 for weddings, but when looking for tack sharp images in studio I don't really like going over 400 or 800 :)

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I understand because you're a perfectionist, looking for the best quality possible. it's slightly visible on the model, but still of an incredible quality, and most of it, the creativity goes way over the high ISO here! i would be scared of using 25600 ISO even for a wedding though!

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Damn !!! This is some amazing work !!! Love this !!

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This is beautiful and brilliant. I have wanted to play with either Kino's or some type of neons so much. How did you set this all up? Did you gel them or was that post in PS? Would love a little more in depth on this.

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The tubes I bought are actually sold as decoration for parties. Because of this they were perfect for my shoot: already color, not to fragile, wired only on one side and not expensive at all (15$ a piece).

They are not as reliable as KinoFlo’s in the sense that in video they would probably flicker like crazy, but in photography they do the trick. White balance was not really consistent between them and from shot to shot, but for something like this it worked alright without having to spend a crazy lot of money.

I bought 7 tubes but this image was actually shot in portrait and then retouched/composited into a landscape format. I wanted to get that landscape format for a greater impact but could not get it in camera because my studio is not big enough. I could have shot with a 50mm instead of an 85 to get the shot right in camera. However I prefer using my 85 for full body shots as I tend to like the perspective, look and sharpness of it better than that of my 50mm.