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Old Fashioned

I have always loved old black & white fashion pictures but never really took the time to try and develop this style.

Feeling kind of in a creative burn-out state lately, I thought it would be great to just go back to basics, with one light setup, one single model, a few clothes and that is it. No fancy prop, no crew on set and almost no fixed idea regarding the final pictures.
Last time I did something like that was about one year ago and since then I didn't really notice any improvement in my photography because I was so absorbed by all the preparation and post-production work. Now, getting back to basic showed me how much I improved in such little time.
9 months ago I would never have sent a RAW file to a model before retouching it because the images were nothing close to what the final result would look like (lighting was crap, posing was bad because I didn't give any direction and even my RAW processing was not so great). Well… after this shoot I felt almost confident enough to use the RAW file. But being the Photoshop geek I am I couldn't resist retouching slightly the image… however the model has seen both versions :)

Usually going back to basic shows you how much you have improved and what lacks behind the most.

Photography/Makeup/Retouching: Quentin Décaillet
Model: Sandra Suarez

Canon-1D X
85mm · f/13.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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This is a really cool picture Quetin! I love the pose and the "right heavy" composition that almost makes the shadow a subject too!

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