When Elinchrom approached me to test one of their new product for Fstoppers, how could I say no? Especially knowing what it was going to be! I cannot say much about the product right now, but it allowed me to create this shot in conditions otherwise quite difficult to manage… but you'll know more in the upcoming review. In the meantime let's talk about the picture in itself!

Jennifer is one of 2015 Miss Switzerland contestant and I had heard she was a dancer. As I love working with actors/dancers and wanted to create a scene with movement, a powerful dance move and a beautiful landscape as the background, she was perfect. But before that… every single one of my session with someone I haven't photographed before starts the same way: a simple portrait. Why? Because you cannot hide on a close portrait. You must show yourself for who and what you are, without that… the shot is snapshot with good lighting.
So starting with a portrait helps me getting a grasp of who's in front of my camera and how to interact with that person. As you probably have guessed, Jennifer is someone with a strong character and a beautiful personality, just like her breathtaking eyes.

Canon-1D X
85mm · f/1.4 · 1/8000th · ISO 100
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