'Election Night' Captures Cries, Cheers, and Fistfights During the Presidential Election

Like it or not, in just a few days, President Obama will leave office and Donald Trump will take his place. Filmmaker Ryan Scafuro spent election night in a London pub that was fixated on what was happening across the pond, and his short film is an elegant look at the evolution of real-time reactions as the night wore on.

Note: There's a small dose of NSFW language and violence in the film.

I personally think filming this in a foreign country was a small stroke of genius by Scafuro. Britain is obviously a country with a deep vested interest in American politics, but at the same time, I've been so inundated by the reactions of my fellow Americans that I find a certain clarity in watching people divorced from the proceedings by one degree. And yet, we still see the same gamut of emotions: shock, elation, disdain, dejection — emotions that beget behaviors and reactions that range from cheers to throwing fists to one man's seemingly incessant hoping against hope. 

Having been the director of photography for "The Daily Show," Scafuro is well versed in capturing politically charged footage, and his nuanced sense of narration really shows here. It's a worthwhile watch regardless of which side you fell on this election. Check out his site for more of his great work.

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And than protest rang out across America. Denver Protest: http://krmedina.com/notmypresident/

Only the future will tell how good or bad gonna be Trump...

Wonder if the one guy honored his word and stayed in the UK?

I am interested in knowing how he got such clean audio in such crowed place.

You can see lapel mics on at least a few of the people.

Right took another look and also noticed a boom pole on edge of a frame. It caught my attention on how clean the audio was in a room full of people doing their things. or perhaps there was some background control when interviews where being done.

Man considering how difficult that environment was to film in, this was beautifully done from an artistic perspective. Very powerful

Both political parties screwed up this year (I have stronger words using the "f" word). I hope that the voters have two viable choices for president. However, the Republicans chose a person that does not have the temperament, focus, or qualifications to run a nation. The Democratic party bosses gave Hillary the nomination since this is her "last chance"; Hillary has considerable baggage; I am not a Berner. I could've voted for Malloy (D), or one of three other Republicans in that field of three dozen candidates for president.
On my Facebook page, sometime between July and November, I said that whoever is elected president will be more polarizing than Obama.
Trump's Chief of Staff needs to unplug Trump's television since he is obsessed with how Saturday Night Live portrays him, which is on spot.