Add Natural Looking Freckles in Adobe Photoshop With These Free Brushes

If you're looking to make a portrait a little more interesting or give it a little more character, here is a tutorial on how to add natural-looking freckles quickly and easily in Photoshop. The brushes used in the video are also provided free of charge.

I want to start by qualifying what I mean by "free" as I've had commenters in the past balked against my use of the word. You do not have to pay any money to acquire these brushes, you just have to sign up to Vera Change's newsletter with an email address. That is not considered "free" to some people, so I thought I'd plant a flag in that early.

Some years back I had a shoot with a beautiful model I'd worked with on a number of occasions. However, for this particular shoot, we needed to make her look like more than one person. Changing what she was wearing was easy, then changing her hair color was achieved simply by a wig or post-production, and then some alterations to her make-up (which again was done in reality and in post) really gave the illusion of someone new. Nevertheless, I felt like it needed something else just to really sell the difference and I decided on freckles. Interestingly, friends of mine who had seen my work of her before did not recognize the altered version and the freckles were in many ways the difference-maker.

In this tutorial by the excellent beauty photographer and retoucher, Vera Change, you can learn how to add freckles to your portraits in Photoshop and use her brushes to do so.

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Eistein Guldseth's picture

This is getting stupider every month. And for every cheater with Photoshop there are 1000 girls becoming more and more dissatisfied with their looks. Give me a break. This is dilettantism.

jim hughes's picture

This isn't photographing a person, it's creating an avatar.

Eistein Guldseth's picture

Most certainly is.