How to Properly Use the Liquify Tool in Photoshop

Liquify gets a bad rap. Its misuse accounts for a pretty alarming number of Photoshop disasters. And although it is easy to learn, it does take a great deal of time and energy to master. Luckily, Aaron Nace over at Phlearn is here to help. Known primarily as the "digital plastic surgeon" of Photoshop, the liquify tool can also be applied to tremendous effect when it comes to making clothes fit to perfection - and that's exactly what this video shows. 

According to Aaron, the key to using liquify is to use a lower brush pressure combined with a higher brush density. This keeps the pushing and pulling of pixels from going to the extreme. As an added bonus, the first few minutes of the video focus on color toning using levels adjustment layers. 

Via Phlearn

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Residing in New York City, Chris is an internationally published photographer whose work has appeared in Vogue, People, MSNBC, ABC, Ocean Drive, GQ and others. He is an instructor of Photography and Imaging at Pratt Institute and the New York Film Academy.

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Makes you wonder how many other tools you aren't using correctly. Thanks for posting.

Or why you aren't using certain tools at all. In 15 years of using Photoshop, I can't recall ever using this tool.

I started using it the past 6 months too and its very useful but tricky to master so you dont get 'crimpled' edges? I found that using a bigger size brush and 'as you nudge' tap the '[' key to reduce the size over a few strokes continuously gives good effect.

Well. Looks like I'll be sinking a number of hours into PHLEARN today...been looking for a Photoshop teaching tool and this is perfect.

"Liquify gets a bad wrap." It should be bed rap :)

Not sure why people don't like Liquify. This is a good beginners guide to liquify - though it doesn't neglect much! Be aware of liquify in CS6 - there's a video bug in it that will cause the entire computer to freeze. Always save your work before going into liquify. Just this professional's warning.

Where is the video on liquify? This is just an extended advertisement.