The Best Photography Tips From The Best Photographers

Below is a fantastic video filled with random bits of priceless knowledge from 5 acclaimed photographers. Albert Maysles, Sylvia Plachy, Andrew Moore, Timothy Greenfield Sanders and Gregory Crewdson casually answer questions for Ovation TV about all aspects of the business.

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Wonderful insights from some of the best out there. A wonderful video.

Great video! Always like hearing people's views on what makes a "pro". :) Very fine line I think.

Interesting video, wish the camera man would stop panning and zooming though, distracting!

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It's always a treat to hear what others have to share! After watching the video I really wanted to see more of it :D

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So the full doc was recently broadcast here in Ontario and is also viewable here a full week before OvationTV's premiere.  Alas I didn't find it as interesting as I had hoped... but there's plenty of other great films out there!