The Best Software for Fixing Blurred or Out-of-Focus Portraits

Blurry pictures are a nightmare. When you simply have to recover detail on images you've taken, this is the video to watch. Photographer and author Glyn Dewis goes through three mainstream programs, Luminar Neo, On1 NoNoise AI 2023, and Topaz Sharpen AI, that he uses to evaluate and try to improve his blurry image.

This is a must-watch if you're a working professional photographer, as there have been a few times in the past I've used a tripod to capture a long exposure then decided to use the camera handheld and forgot to change the settings, resulting in blurry images. Another issue is if the autofocus decides to focus on a different person in a crowd, for instance, which has happened to me in the past.  

The results are astounding, and I can genuinely say I was shocked at the winner's results. Looking at the final image, this is definitely going to be on my must-buy list in the near future.

Glyn Dewis is a photographer, writer, author of educational photographic books, and professional speaker. His books can be found on Amazon.

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Peter Morgan is a professional photographer, drone pilot, writer and tech enthusiast. He has worked in the tech sector since the age of 16 and has over 30 years experience of working with technology. He also runs his own photographic company and shoots weddings, headshots and commercial projects.

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