Can The 'Selfie' Redefine Beauty?

Just couple of months ago 'Selfie' was chosen as the word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary. Now that pretty much everyone have a camera in their pocket, taking self portraits is easier than ever. It seems like everyone are doing it, and you can see it all over social media. The thing is - because the subject controls everything about the creation of the image - from posing to angle of shooting, it's easy for them to hide things they don't like. In this beautiful short film, Dove shows girls how including their insecurities in their selfies can change their opinions about their own beauty.

The short film was directed by Academy Award-winnning filmmaker Cynthia Wade and produced by Sharon Liese. The photographer leading the Selfie class is Michael Crook.

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I think "Millennials" is too broad of an age range. I propose 1980-1990 as "Generation Y" 1990-2000 as "Millennials" and 2000 on as "The Self-Esteem Generation"

Can't wait to see where all the purple pens for grading, post-in note compliments and participation trophies gets us in a few years.

"...and 2000 on as "The Self-Esteem Generation"
Didn't you mean "The Self-Centered Generation"? Because, you know, "it's all about me"...

I'm 20, born in 1994. I born at the right age to be introduced to all fancy technology when I was ending middle school / starting high-school rather than immediately as a child. I even had a myspace account at one point! My point is, when I was growing up it was still normal to go to the park or go ride my bike around town. I used to bmx and when the skatepark was built in our town it was full everyday of all ages, bikes and skateboards and scooterers. Now if i go down ill be lucky to see one kid there. Giving kids technology and social media and the instant gratification of them I think is really hurting progression. I see kids even just a few years younger than me and it's really sad to see how entitled and self-centered they are. I know there are many factors that go into that but I mostly blame technology and how parents use it as a baby sitter / don't monitor it as well.

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It's not technology. It's parenting. Period.

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If beauty is lost then it can be redefined trough 'selfies'. I will tell you something that bugs me and it shouldn't. I see a girl post a selfie and goes on writing how amazing she looks and the photo is a blured-instagram filter-noisy mess, something maybe relevant to ISO 204,800... no detail mushy face. And when you present that individual with a detail good lit shot the first thing they say is almost automatic auuuu no no I am terrible. Sooo what, afraid of a little detail, maybe that's why selfies are so popular is because phones hide alot of features.