Interview With Magnum Photographer Christopher Anderson

Talented Magnum Photographer, Christopher Anderson, experienced something that completely changed his life. In June 2000, while traveling in Haiti, he met writer Michael Finkel and together they documented a group of 44 Haitians on their journey to the United States. A few days after they set sail, they realized the handmade boat was sinking. Anderson’s first reaction was to continue taking pictures – even though he knew there was a chance they may never be seen. In this inspiring interview, Christopher explains how this life changing event led to many more emotional photographic assignments. The failure of the boat changed the quality of his photography forever. Click here to see the images from the boat.

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I'm really astonished that there are no comments here (yet)....

this is amazing and very inspirational

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Maybe because the video upload quality was so bad that it was nearly unwatchable, or at least it was for me.

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Haha it's always stupid stories and crap about technical numbers and specs that gets all the posts, but cool shit like this rarely seems to. :)

so inspiring!

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That was an amazing video, made me think of my own photography in a whole new light 

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I really want to watch this video! I've tried watching this four times now and the player being used is completely unfriendly! I am unable to pause, rewind, or fast forward, with any kind of predictability.  The video keeps restarting and there are no options to re-size. 

PLEASE, never post a video using this media player again!-Using Chrome. 

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This player is horrible, doesn't even allow to go fullscreen. 

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