Kate Upton Brings Curves To Vogue

Kate Upton Brings Curves To Vogue

Photographer Mario Testino shoots my favorite super lady, Kate Upton, for the June 2013 Vogue. Kate keeps things super classy for her spread and even rocks some rather large, dark eyebrows with her look. I am certainly one that appreciates some curves on a model, so I am glad to see Vogue is beefing up to the competition (see what I did there) instead of the same ol' too-skinny girl. Click through to see the shots from her upcoming feature

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-001

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-002

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-003

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-004

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-005

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-006

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-007

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-008

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013-009

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013

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Liquify on # 4 huh? Or all of them more likely...

I've got most problem with the front cover. Too much d&b for my taste. The others appear (almost) natural.

On Kate Upton Liquify isn't necessary!


Actually, the PP on these isn't too bad for Testino. Probably just great MUA . Remember, he brought us alien Karmen Kass in this ad. Those are the whitest eyes i've ever seen

Looks pretty skinny to me


Hi Corey,

I'm always grateful to see pictures of Kate Upton. But from a photography point of view, do you or anybody else around here get the feeling that these kinds of fashion editorials aren't really effective anymore? What I mean is that the mainstream fashion magazines have always done shoots based on themes from real life scenarios. This shoot is like that in the sense that it's got the whole country club vibe (WASPY trophy wife hanging out with her friends the "polo players" etc). Of course, we all know that Kate Upton doesn't fit that role in real life. In the past, models could get away with portraying all kinds of fantasy roles because there was some kind of suspension of disbelief factor. Nowadays, behind the scenes videos and everything else just make the whole shoot appear like the complete scam that it is.... . I just don't think it works anymore to shoot fantasy themes based on real life scenarios and am wondering if anybody out there agrees with me?

as long as it works for fashion industry it works for everybody :) and there always be girls who look at that "ish" and dream about it :). our job, is to make it work :) and vogue was never about real, at least its not its main key-words... so, its just vogue :) those who are on this side of this job, all know that almost non of them models fit that role in real life :). unless you shoot celebrities :) and even than, most of them dont fit it. its already great that this series is not about just her boobs :)

How sad that they had to "photoshop" her to make her thinner! She is gorgeous with natural curves! Why ruin her that way?

How do you know they photoshopped her to make her thinner?

Look at the very first photo! She does not look like a real Kate Upton. She looks like a plastic doll!

average doesn't mean good... ;)

I'd love to know the lighting set up for the living room photo.

I hope she'll start the trend that brings curves back.

WAH WAH I'm an insecure photographer and nothing a blog posts will ever please by asshole opinion of what photography should be.

Shot with heli is terrible + she had a bad figure

I believe you are confused as to what curves mean, actually. Kate Upton has the perfect amount. Btw, below "average" weight is still more than the average sub-size-zero model.

What a beauty OMG...a true beauty. My favourite! To have sex-appeal is not for everyone...