Martin Schoeller Discusses His Work for National Geographic Live!

Martin Schoeller is undoubtedly one of the premiere portrait photographers in the world. In this episode of National Geographic Live! Schoeller talks about shooting for National Geographic (including the images found in the most recent issue) as well as several of his other projects. Shooting for the magazine took him to Tanzania where he shot his signature style of portraits as well as some epically beautiful environmental pictures.

The most fascinating element of the video may be Schoeller discussing his desire to photograph people as similarly as possible. For him, photographing with the same light/angle/etc. is a sort of cataloging for people - something he says is heavy influenced by the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher. It's especially interesting when looking at Schoeller's portfolio. He obviously has the strength of showing great character and dynamicism in his portraits. Watch the video to hear more about this as well as his other projects.

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Residing in New York City, Chris is an internationally published photographer whose work has appeared in Vogue, People, MSNBC, ABC, Ocean Drive, GQ and others. He is an instructor of Photography and Imaging at Pratt Institute and the New York Film Academy.

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Awesome post, I love his work!

can't wait to watch this

The "catalog" portfolio is a neat idea. The video definitely leaves you wanting more.

I love it. The thing I'm most happy about is his fine art discourse.
I'm in the same boat when it comes to not only being inspired by the Bechers, but taking that scientific approach of a typology to the subject of the human being. ;D