Change The Look Of Your Image by Using Grid Spots

In this corporate headshot shoot by The Slanted Lens, Jay P Morgan plays around with a 10, 20 and 30 degree grid to show us how each one will give a drastically different look. Throughout the entire shoot he is constantly feathering the light. If you've ever shot on the streets of New York then you'll understand why he has to keep his set up very mobile. Only using one light with a Dynalight 800 power pack, he's able to keep moving and give his client multiple choices in backdrops.

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Mark Krajnak's picture

Great tutorial. My only question/thought - I thoughy anytime you dropped a stand (lighting, tripod, etc) in NYC, then you need the permit. I know I've been rousted in Grand Central for setting up just a tripod. Maybe that's changed. Just something to think about, just in case. Good video though!

Jorge Almodovar's picture

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. Does that mean that I could use my tripod for shooting any type of personal photos / videos or projects such as shorts and shoots that utilize nothing more than an on camera speedlight? I've lived in NYC and never understood these rules and would not know who to speak to about clarification.

Jason's picture

I thought that was interesting, too. I'm not too familiar with the laws, but was under the impression they were crazy about that sort of thing.

Robisierra's picture

J.P. says that if your camera isnt connected to anything, to a laptop, or batteries, or electrical generators, then you can shoot just about anywhere without a permit. 
So as I understand it basicly it means that with hand held camera you can shoot where ever you like. 
Please some one correct me if im wrong, because I am also planing a trip to NY soon. 

Tim Krueger's picture

I just purchased a 20 grid and get it on Monday glad I got to see this video!  

I love me some J. P. Morgan. I've learn a lot from him and Slanted Lense. Thanks again.