Conjuring Inspiration: BTS of the 'Bringing Dreams to Life' Photoshoot

Benjamin Von Wong has finally wrapped up his long and productive European tour, Von Wong Does Europe. The very first shoot that he was able to do was also ironically the last to be published and for good reason. It will blow you away. Taking over 60 hours to retouch Ben collaborated with talented retouching guru, Chester van Bommel



 If you want to learn more about how they put the entire image together and how a little bit of creativity and perseverance can push you to do greater things;  go over to Von Wong's blog post: Bringing dreams to life through retouching. He goes over how he lit the scenes with behind the scenes photos and how he shot them knowing that heavy compositing would be involved.


You can also find Ben on his Facebook page and his Twitter.

"As a creative you want people to hire you because you're an artist; not because you're a technician." -Benjamin Von Wong


Videography by Erwan Cloarec Visuals -

Original score composed by Michael Battista  -

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Love the image and the bts video was great, Some good advice there about people wanting you for your vision and not for your technical ability.

Von Wong's picture

Thanks paul! glad you like it :)

As usual with Von Wong, Amazing work!

Von Wong's picture

Thanks to an amazing team :) !

What a great video, and a couple of incredible artistic pieces that have come out of this work! The photo and retouching of Chester's portrait is so majestic, and the photo and retouching of Benjamin and his assistant's portrait is very fun and humorous! Well done.

Benjamin i love when you said: " people wanting you for your vision and not for your technical ability" that make´s me keep going in my journey in photography - Thanks

Von Wong did it again!
really love your creativity

really awesome location...someone should be it and renovate it...