Cull and Edit an Entire Wedding in One Hour with Aftershoot

We've recently reviewed a lot of different programs that allow users to "train AI" to edit like they do in Adobe Lightroom. Aftershoot is the latest program to do this, but it has a few significant features that make it stand apart. 

There are three main features that make Aftershoot different from the competition. First, it will cull your photos automatically, choosing the best photos based on things like facial expressions, focus, and lighting. Second, it is the first program in this category that can edit photos without sending smart previews to an offsite computer, which means you no longer have to be connected to the internet. And third, because it can run locally on any computer, it is the first program we've tested that doesn't charge individually for every edited photo. This means that for one price, you can use the software an unlimited amount the entire year.

Because this is a sponsored video, I won't be going into a detailed review of this product, but I will say that this is clearly the most feature-rich program of its kind, and if you're shooting a lot of jobs each year, this will also be, by far, the cheapest option. 

Check out the video above to see how it works, and then, try Aftershoot for 30 days for free

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Imagine saying to an oil painter artist.. Here is a plotter

What distinguishes me as a professional and an artist is what I do, and what my vision is.

All of this AI stuff homogenises photography. We will get to the point where there are a handful of real creators and artists, then AI just copying what others have done before.. With photographers and clients being wowed by turning mediocre into apparently excellent.

Also, there seems to be no attention to detail, the crops looked poor, blemishes left in.

We are being paid to bring artistic ideas to the table, to do an extraordinary job, not an boring average OK job