Free Photography Workshop: How To Light Shoot And Retouch Skin

Chances are you've been asked to shoot someone's headshot before. As photographers, we need to be able to make our client(s) look as good as possible. To be able to light, shoot and retouch skin are vital skills that keep our doors open, and food on the table. Hollywood photographer and digital illustrator, Lee Varis been a photographer for 40 years and involved in digital imaging for 20 years. He is most known for his work on the movie poster for "The Silence of the Lambs". This Thursday through Saturday (August 16-18), creativeLIVE will stream Lee's online workshop for free as he shares his knowledge on lighting, shooting and retouching skin.

As always, our friends over at creativeLIVE offer these online workshops for FREE during the initial live broadcast. If you know you want to download this three day event, you can preorder it now for $99 before it airs. Afterwards, the cost of the download is $149.

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Tanja Schulte's picture

the image with the woman indicates the workshop is about how to make skin look fake....

it annoys me nearly as much as the "portrait enhancement plugin" advertisings i see in magazines like shutterbug. i mean ... you can use portraiture or portrait professionell, perfect portrait etc. to make skin look good... but the advertising pictures are horrible.


Stephan Mantler's picture

My thoughts exactly.

Tam Nguyen's picture

Agreed. That picture looks like it could be done in less than 15 minutes in Lightroom. Just lower the Clarity adjustment slider and off you go :)

Tracy Nanthavongsa's picture

If the tutorial end result look anything like the sample image above I rather learn to clone her completely out of the picture.

Looking at the retouching on that darker model, I see why they don't/can't charge a fee for this workshop.

General question about CreativeLive. When I buy a product, do I get 3x8hrs worth of video - the whole lecture series without any benefit of editing and time lapse? I have a hard time coming up with 3 hours to watch a movie, let alone 3 days.

Carl Bertossi's picture

Dear good and rest of world did you see his amazing website ? He is so professional that he don't have a portfolio WoW ! 
Look what I found on his you tube channel

let me know how you fill about it

John Godwin's picture

I don't like to knock other photographer's work, but overall, the quality of retouching and lighting in each of the shots in that video was just above amateur. Getting quite bored with the sudden influx of photographers running lame seminars and releasing sub-par e-books and video tutorials. 

I'm not saying I'm any better, but I'm always slightly suspicious of these things when I go to the photographer's site and get bombarded with the things he's selling before I've even found the link to his work, 

In all honesty, if you're happy to put this in your "recent work" section:, then I'm sorry, but charging $99 to watch someone like that work is probably a bit steep.

This guy shouldn't even be doing webinars for free, he should be watching them. The girl with the red makeup is particularly bad. Horrible shadow mismatches, splotchy skin tone, bad skin contours. If you're going to sell a beauty retouch, you need to do a beauty retouch.

If you want to know how to light, shoot, and retouch people for headshots, don't watch this. Buy Peter Hurley's DVD. I'm pretty sure there is a banner for it on the home page of this site. 

to be honest peter hurleys dvd is amazing and it teaches you great techniques for interacting with your models and getting great expressions. But it really does not get into lighting much it briefly touched upon it. And he does not talk about retouching techniques at all. 

Tam Nguyen's picture

If you want to watch some retouching techniques for free, one of our Fstoppers, Sean Armenta, has made quite a few useful videos on Youtube. If you want to learn PS even more, check out the work of Julia Kuzmenko of Omaha Image Production. She does have webinars that I truly think you can benefit from.

As for lighting techniques, it's really one of those things that you kind of have to play with to get  better at. [FRAME] Network and their LitUp series is the most recent BTS/tutorial videos that I think is worth watching.

Tanja Schulte's picture

peter hurley uses one (expensive) light setup in "Peter Hurley - The Art behind the Headshots".
there is not much to teach about lighting when you use one setup.
left, right, top, bottom.... kino flo.... :)

and retouching will not be teached at all... so i don´t know what DVD your talking about.

but "Peter Hurley - The Art behind the Headshot" is a very entertaining DVD.. that´s for sure.


Peter Kremzar's picture

I watched Peter Hurley DVD. He has some good ideas but he is not my type of photographer.
For my opinion the best retouching tutorials are from Nick Saglimbeni (overpriced) and Natalia Taffarel & Co.
But for lighting I would go to one of the ShootTheCenterfold seminars, overpriced also, but these guys are really full of ideas.
This Skin seminar on CreativeLive is full of wrong information. I also have the book and my opinion is that taking it for the whole truth it can only make you more problems.

Alexander Dupree's picture

Yeah That Looks like some 80s post processing...Cheap and blurry