One Method to Style and Photograph a High-End Watch

Aaron Nace at PHLEARN teamed up with professional product photographer Rob Grimm to demonstrate how a super high-end watch shoot would be put together. Check out how Grimm takes numerous shots and combines them into one advertising-quality image. This is just one small part of the whole tutorial. For the full 2.5 hour video, check out the Pro Tutorial.


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Pixyst's picture

That table is AWESOME. Maybe edit the video a bit - the last two or so minutes of the video are blank.

David Leyland's picture

Interesting tutorial but not sure the guy sits well on the background?

Jason Bosch's picture

Listening to these guys talk about "hipsters" makes me cringe. I guess I didn't realize having a beard made you a hipster.

Now I know what a hipster looks like. Take him out of the picture and you have a nice product shot. I don't think that the hipster or the concept works if you are trying to sell the watch. However if you are trying to promote facial hair then mission accomplished.

Chris Kryzanek's picture

Looking at the final image, it looks like the crown of the watch wasn't pushed back in. I haven't watched the full tutorial, but it would be interesting to know if they forgot to Photoshop that detail.