Phlearn Shows You How to Make Lens Flare

Aaron Nace recently made a video showing you a quick and easy way to make lens flare (in a blank layer) right in Photoshop. While it might not be quite as exciting as, say, removing a model's bra this is a really handy tip to add a little bit of interest to your images. This method lives the user more latitude when it comes to adjustment of color, intensity, rotation, blur, and scaling after the fact. If you're looking for a quick Sunday project this might be the way to go!

If you like what you saw in this video be sure to check out Aaron's upcoming Fstoppers 2014 Workshops, time is running out fast to sign up!

[Via Phlearn]

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Aaron Nace is amazing!

I thought you aimed your lens into a light source to make lens flare...

Um, half of these steps are unnecessary. You can just make a new layer, put a black rectangle on it. then put the flare on that layer and put it on screen mode. I literally just used it on this image of my sister that I shot today. works fine and took no time at all.

John White's picture

You plugged my article! NICE