Picture Instruments Releases LUT Mixer, a New Way to Apply LUTs in Premiere and FCPX

After Cone Color and Image 2 LUT, Picture Instruments just released LUT Mixer, a tool to apply different LUTs simultaneously to the original image instead of adding them one on top of the other.

LUTs are a fantastic tool to grade images or video clips, but they do come with one issue: with most apps, it’s impossible to apply a couple of them to the unaltered image consecutively. Some would argue it’s not an issue per se. However, LUTs tend to be created to be applied to the original image. This is where LUT Mixer makes all its sense.

The latest app created by Picture Instruments is designed so you can apply up to five LUTs to a single image and all of them will alter the original image simultaneously instead of consecutively. LUT Mixer gives you the choice of averaging the different LUTs to get the final result or summing them. This choice can be defined for each individually loaded LUT, giving you a lot of control over the process.

The video above demonstrates how the software works and how powerful it can be. As you can see, the interface is quite straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of color grading know-how to get around. LUT Mixer is available for MacOS and Windows in two different versions, Adobe Premiere and After Effect or Final Cut Pro. Each costs $47, or both can be obtained as a bundle for $66. Picture Instruments also offers a free demo version if you’d like to try it for yourself before buying the full version.

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Adam T's picture

I use to use luts all the time but as I got better at grading and color science I now don't even touch them. I found that if I make the look then everything is more flexible and the looks are great.

That being said this program looks like a nice arsenal tool for fast proofing.