[BTS Video] This Could Be The Most Barbaric Product Shot Tutorial Ever

This video is a couple years old now but it's the first time I've seen it. One part Geico caveman, two parts Macgyver, Bryan Peterson shows how easy it can be to create a simple yet eye catching stock photo. Using nothing more than a Nikkor 200mm Macro Lens, some sparkling water, a glass, a lemon, and some old Christmas wrapping paper, Bryan shows you how easy a product shot can be if you just focus on the composition and some easy reflector lighting. What shocked me even more than this DIY photoshoot next to an interstate setup was the realization that someone gave me his super popular book Understanding Exposure as a gift years ago and it's here on my bookshelf. His tips make photography look so easy, even a caveman can do it!

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He's so laid back, ya gotta love him!  Maybe one day he'll wear a lapel again, lol

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Awesome video and great insight! Bryan Peterson's book "understanding exposure" is the first book I suggest to people wanting to get into photography. Love it!

I'm a fan of both the books mentioned here.  I refer back to them now and again.  They are a great source of knowledge as well as a good kick in the pants to remind me of things that I bury in my brain.  LOL  Another great book is Sly Arena's "Speedliter Handbook".  If you haven't read it, you don't know what your missing.

Not sure Bryan would appreciate being called a caveman.... I see more of a laid back surfer dude from the 70's.
 But he has moved on and probably much more than other photographers. His video's have helped many amateurs get the ball rolling and he still continues to show simple set ups and solutions and is now a regular on Adorama TV. Keep it simple Bryan.Surf's up dude !

I've learned to expect great things from the videos here, but that final image really did inspire a lot of ideas in my head.  Now I gotta follow up!!  It may be an oldie, but it's still good today!

Hahaha! That was fantastic! He's brilliant :D

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He's got a tonne of BTS video over at Adorama for anyone who enjoyed him.

Okay, I think I am in love with his hair.

Is that wrong?

hahahaha....very nice!

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Bryan is awesome. You can tell he still has the same passion for shooting as he did 20+ years ago. 

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Bryan was the presenter at a local conference here in Vancouver, he was incredible!  Though I think I'd be slightly offended being called a cave man... isn't it refreshing to have a tutorial by a non-hipster???

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yeah the caveman comment was just a joke.  I have respect for Bryan and I don't think he takes himself too seriously.  He might be offended by the MacGyver comment though :)

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I think you're probably right Patrick, it's pretty clear in his workshops that he doesn't take himself too seriously, he had several hundred people in stitches for most of the conference!

funny one (=

Good God. It's like watching Andre the giant use a chainsaw to sculpt the David. Wrong in so many ways yet so right and impressive. Favourite line: "you don't have to be limited to a lemon slice and green wrapping paper...you could also use an orange slice with blue wrapping paper". I'm afraid to disobey him.

I went thru all 20 of his videos, tonight i will watch his videos via adorama. I love all of his catch phrases, the word "subsequently" is used ALOT; but all in all his lessons are ingenious. i love it.

not only his epic haircut makes this a great video as always with brain.

Cool video. Understanding Exposure is the book that made things click for me. Also have Learning To See Creatively and see Bryan has a book out on close-up photography too.

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link is gone