Learn How to Take Product Photographs Like a Pro!

Want to spruce up your product photography skills or maybe get some inspiration for your next product shoot? Check out this video guide on how to light and produce great shots for your clients!

The thing with product photography is if your lighting technique doesn't sufficiently showcase the product, it can potentially deter customers from engaging with the product being sold. I'm sure you can think of times yourself when you have come across items online and the lack of quality photographs has impacted your shopping decisions, especially if you are simply browsing and haven't made your mind up yet whether to press that "buy" button or not. First impressions matter, it generally is as simple as that. Whether the quality and performance of your purchase is top notch, that's another question but it's not one you need to worry about if you're producing product photographs because your job is simply to make your clients' items look their best. 

Professional Swedish photographer Martin Botvidsson, whose portfolio showcases a beautiful array of shiny watches, mouth-watering food setups, and other luxurious items, such as alcohol and perfume bottles, is sharing with us his studio set up and lighting technique to a sleek and modern product shot. Simplicity is key for Botvidsson, both in creating this tutorial as well as the whole set up in itself. Whichever brand lighting equipment you use, this video is to get you seeing the different ways light affects your final outcome and how to utilize what you have to create that perfect product shot.

If you enjoyed Botvidsson's way of teaching photography and techniques, with his signature coffee cup in hand, you can also become his "coffee supporter", namely, a member of Botvidsson's coaching and tutoring group with access to additional educational videos and more. You can find out how to join here.

Did you take something away from this tutorial for your product photography? Share your comments with us!

Lead image used with the permission of Alex Coleman.

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Richard Tack's picture

Change the video speed to 1.5 and this guy rocks it.

Peter Gargiulo's picture

Yup! 1.5 is perfect, thanks!

Jay Connor's picture

Awesome vid
Please keep them coming

Heiko Kanzler's picture

I tried hard, but I couldn't watch the whole video. The guy with the coffee drove me crazy :-)