NailSnaps: Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Nail Art

NailSnaps: Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Nail Art

If you like social media and manicure, you can now combine the two with NailSnaps - a new product that let you turn your Instagram photos into nail polish stickers. All you need is to snap a photo, import it to the NailSnaps app, decide what each nail will look like, and wait for a shipment.

For the past few years a lot of companies made it possible to use our own images to create different products or different art and clothing pieces. Creating custom iPhone covers, t-shirts and even skateboards is easier than ever. Nail printing can be now added to this list.

To get your personalized nail-stickers, you will have to pay $35 on the NailSnaps kickstarter page. The $35 will allow you to create 4 different nail designs ($8.75 per design/set). You can also pay $20 if you want to order pre-designed nail stickers.

This could be a great product for female photographers who want to have a unique nail polish that features their own work. It can be also used to create gifts for fashion-related clients and models (just an idea).


Head to the NailSnaps Kickstarter page to back them up and get your own custom nail polish.

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