Suspension Kit for Tripod is a Product You'll Probably Never Need

Suspension Kit for Tripod is a Product You'll Probably Never Need

Most camera bags have a place to fit your tripod. It adds weight to your camera bag, but it keeps the tripod out of the way while being easy to grab if need be. Apparently, MindShiftGear is unaware of this ancient advancement on tripod holding technology, and are now building harnesses for you to awkwardly strap a tripod to your body.

Calling it a Tripod Suspension, MindShiftGear has seemingly gone to Lowes, purchased $3 worth of straps, and then rebranded them as a $47 piece of must-have photography gear. Perhaps what is worse is how it works...

Instead of strapping your tripod to your back, or simply holding in your hands, MindShiftGear has found that the best way to handle a tripod is to hang it from the front of your camera bag. That's right, MindShiftGear suggests that the tripod strapped to the back of your camera bag can result in shoulder problems, and there solution to attach it the front of your shoulder straps. From their website:

The Tripod Suspension Kit was designed to hold much more weight than you would want hanging from your shoulder straps! With the tripod collar buckle doubled back and securely attached to your tripod, the two adjustable straps will easily hold the weight of a large tripod, and if desired, a pro body and lens up to 70-200mm or more. Of course, you will want to be certain the camera is mounted properly on the tripod and use both straps to stabilize and balance the load. Lighter camera bodies and lenses will naturally be more comfortable to carry in this manner. Other items that you want to carry hands-free can easily be clipped directly to the straps.


mindshift strap tripod

If you’re somehow sold on this product, it’s available on MindShiftGear’s website for $47 dollars.
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Kevin Krebbers's picture

The only corrrect way is over the shoulder. Or your assistent's shoulder.


Scott Mosley's picture

i agree that this seems ridiculous, but with a 90 deg ballhead, maybe you could get some cool video (or live view i guess) shots. An alternative hands free video rig?

stefano druetta's picture

for the wobbliest images ever! :D

Scott Mosley's picture

Haha. Yea, you wouldn't really be able to walk around with it, just to stop and get a shot...? Not practical in any way I guess.